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26 April 2021

The Digital Eyes in the back of your head.

Let us be the digital eyes in the back of your head. 

Maternity ward safety is key if you want to breeze through your CQC inspection. Xtag Medical’s baby tagging system is packed with advanced security features to help you achieve an outstanding CQC result, in addition to keeping your most vulnerable patients safe and secure.  

The Xtag baby tag can tell exactly what is happening to it at all times, letting you know of any issues immediately. If a tag comes too close to an exit door, this will trigger a local exit lockdown, sounding an alarm on the user pc and locking the exit door. In addition, if the tag moves too close to a door that’s in an open position and making an attempt to leave (e.g. tailgating), a ward-wide alarm and lockdown will trigger, alerting ward staff. The system’s perimeter security readers can also transmit tag locations to the user pc. 

Xtag’s baby tag doesn’t enjoy being tampered with. Alarms will sound if the tag is cut, slips off, or in any scenario where the signal is lost. All of these features make our system extremely difficult to circumvent. 

To receive a quote for our state-of-the-art RFID baby tagging system, simply send your floor plans to sales@xtag.co.uk or book a virtual demo at: www.xtag.co.uk

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