XTAG Medical are honoured to support our amazing NHS


  • Small and light, with no sharp edges, for all sized babies

  • IP67 waterproof hypoallergenic case – no need to remove for bathing

  • Easy to fit strap, which can be tightened if baby loses weight

  • Each tag has a unique ID – transmits its status and location in real time

  • 2 to 3 year battery life, depending on use, with low battery warning

  • Easy to clean and sterilise, ready for re-use

Alarms & alerts

  • Near exit ‘loiter’ alert when tag is near exit door, triggers local exit ‘lock down’

  • Exit/abduction alarm if tag passes exit door, triggers ward-wide ‘lock down’

  • Perimeter security readers track tags which breach exits and transmit location

  • ’Tag off’ alert if the tag is removed from the baby – location sent to User PC

  • ‘Tamper’ alarm if tag strap is cut – location sent and ward doors ‘lock down’

  • Signal lost alert if a tag is not seen by the system for any reason

Tag management

  • Wall mounted touch screen with barcode reader enables quick enrolment of tags

  • Password protected with unique access code per user and separate supervisor access level

  • Status of all tags shown in real time on the screen’s traffic display

  • ’Transfer’ function enables tagged baby transfer to other secure wards

  • ‘Off Watch’ function enables transfer to examination, treatment wards etc.

  • False alarms can be muted by supervisors, or via remote access, to minimise disruption

  • ’Help’ button provides user with emergency support link to XTAG Medical specialists 24/7

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