XTAG Medical are honoured to support our amazing NHS

19 April 2021

Push your hospital security into the new industry standard.

Push your hospital security into the new industry standard. 

At Xtag Medical, we aim to continue to push the leading-edge of technology. Our hardware and software engineers are continuously working on the next iteration of Xtag products, with OTA software updates consistently released for free. 

We believe it is of upmost importance to continuously develop our product. This ensures that we are constantly protecting our security system from any vulnerabilities, adding new security features and developing on current features including location tracking, local exit lockdowns, tamper and tag off alerts and interface to access control and CCTV. 

As technology advances, we continue to adapt our manufacturing process to increase the quality, comfort and ease-of-use of our product. 

It couldn’t be easier to receive a quote for our state-of-the-art RFID baby tagging system, simply send your floor plans to sales@xtag.co.uk or book a virtual demo on our website: www.xtag.co.uk

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