A Safer and Smarter Hospital.

Our baby tags greatly enhances patient security and reduces the rising risk of infant abduction. Midwives can manage each and every patient on a single dashboard with the Xtag Monitor.

The system is also widely welcomed by regulatory bodies such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as part of an effective risk management strategy in line with inspection frameworks for quality and security of vulnerable patients.

Tags and Straps

Vulnerable babies are tagged in their first hours of life, providing peace of mind for families and midwives when it comes to the safety of precious new-borns in a busy hospital environment. Our tags are small, light and and easy to use for midwives.



Small and light with no sharp edges for all sized babies.



IP67 waterproof case – no need to remove for bathing.



Easy to fit strap which can be tightened or removed easily.


Unique ID

Each tag transmits its status and location in real time.


Long Lasting

Up to three year battery life with low battery warning.


Easy Clean

Very easy to clean and sterilise, ready for re-use.

Alarms and Alerts

When an unexpected event is detected, the system will alert staff via the Xtag Monitor where they can react to the issue and respond accordingly. In the event of serious concern to a patient’s safety, our non-intrusive alarms will sound and trigger a Local Exit Lockdown.


Near Exit Loiter Alerts

Alerts staff when a tag is within close proximity of an exit door.


Abduction Alarm

Alarm sounds if a tag passes an exit door and triggers a Ward-Wide Lockdown.


Tag Off Alerts

Unexpected removal of a tag will send an alert and location to the Xtag Monitor.


Tamper Alarms

When a tag strap is unexpectedly cut, ward exit doors will lockdown.


Signal Lost Alert

Signal Lost Alert if the tag is not detected by the system for any reason.


Perimeter Security

Readers track tags that breach exits and transmits location status.

Tag Management

Manage the status of each and every baby with the Xtag Monitor. The monitor is designed so that maternity staff can supervise activity, alarms and alerts on a single dashboard to make patient management and security super simple for busy midwives.


Touchscreen Monitor

Wall mounted touchscreen monitor with barcode reader for quick enrolement of tags.


Unique Access

Password protected login per user and seperate supervisor access.


Status Updates

View the status of each tag with a unique baby ID on a single dashboard.


Easy Transfer

Easy transfer function enables tagged baby transfers between wards.


Mute Option

False Alarms can be muted by staff easily to minimise disruption.


Help Button

Provides users with instant support from Xtag specialists who are available 24/7.

Also on the Xtag Monitor.

Audit Trails


System Integration