Xtag Medical at Medica

For the first time, Xtag Medical attended the Medica International Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany to showcase the importance of a baby tagging system in hospital maternity wards.

Infant abductions are rising and occur due to a number of reasons including drug and alcohol abuse, custodial issues and psychological disorders. In some countries, babies are stolen to feed a thriving black market, forming a significant challenge for hospitals and local families.

When an abduction takes place, hospitals are affected both financially and emotionally, whilst having a huge impact on the public perception of the hospital.

The solution is used by NHS trusts across the UK as part of an effective risk management and patient safeguarding strategy to protect new-borns from the risk of abduction, providing peace of mind for families and midwives when it comes to the safety of vulnerable babies.

“Our mission at Medica was to provide a solution that boosts maternity ward security in countries where abduction attempt are more frequent. We have recently introduced the world’s first out of the box, plug and play baby tagging system which makes the installation process quick and easy whilst being more affordable than ever before.


Despite the lack of attendees due to Covid-19, we were able to generate a multitude of interest from countries across Africa, Asia and South America in areas where abduction attempts are a serious complication for hospitals.”

Chris Bullock, Managing Director

International expansion is already underway with the recent introduction of the system in Ghana. Improvements in security and patient management processes was welcomed and further expansion to multiple hospital sites across the country is likely to occur within the next few years.